2018 continues to be a busy year for the team, with record numbers of incidents since the beginning. With the good weather continuing, this is expected to continue. Please remember that we need your continuing support to do this. Every little bit of help matters, whether it is pennies, pounds or helping us to spread the word, it all makes a difference.

  • 05/04/2018 19:46 – Team tasked to investigate possible object in the water. With light fading, first informant located and possible object identified. Brief search later and members of the public spoken to, team and UK Coastguard satisfied the object in question was in fact local surfers taking advantage of the bigger waves. False alarm with good intent.
  • 06/04/2018 08:53 – The team were called out this morning with our colleagues from Sunderland CRT to a dog over the cliff in Whitburn Coastal Park. On our arrival we found the owner whose Springer Spaniel had fallen down the blow hole whilst chasing birds. The teams worked together to lower one of our rope rescue technicians who retrieved the dog in our animal rescue bag designed for such situations. The dog, Millie, luckily was no worse off from her adventure and was handed over to her owner.
  • 08/04/2018 11:59 – Team were tasked by Humber Coastguard to attend an incident south of Marsden Grotto where an adult male was over the fence near Coastal Marker 57. He was believed to be threatening to jump. SSVLB team together with Fire & Rescue team and Ambulance Service Hazardous Area Response Team stood by while Police negotiated with the person. Teams were asked to withdraw from the immediate vicinity and after a short time the man agreed to come back over the barrier fence and was escorted to safety by Police. All teams were then stood down at 13:00.
  • 08/04/2018 16:19 – Second call of the day to cliffs at Marsden. Team were tasked to Coastal Marker 58 just south of the earlier incident where a female was sitting in a precarious location over the barrier. Fire service team were rigged for rope rescue and three SSVLB team members joined paramedics at the base of the cliff while others stood by on cliff top. The woman was not engaging with any of the rescue services and police negotiators were called and wearing safety harnesses commenced dialogue. After a lengthy stand off and with tide rising, light fading and increasingly dropping temperature the woman was eventually brought off to safety. All teams were thanked for their part in the incident and stood down at 18:50.
  • 14/04/2018 02:42 – The team were paged through the night along with RNLI – Sunderland Lifeboat Station and our colleagues from Sunderland CRT to 3 people in the water at Seaburn. We arrived on scene to find 3 people who had been in the sea but were now out at 2 locations at the north end of Seaburn with police officers. Coastguard officers provided first aid with police, paramedics and firefighters and all 3 were taken into the care of the ambulance service. With confirmation from the casualties that they were the only people involved, HMCG Humber Coastguard Station were satisfied no one else was in danger and we were stood down to return to station.
  • 16/04/2018 19:42 – During a regular training session, team were tasked to assist Police and Ambulance Service with a despondent person on the South Pier. As the team were preparing, the person was brought to safety by other emergency service colleagues and left in their care.
  • 17/04/2018 13:38 – The team were tasked by Humber to a jet ski adrift from Littlehaven heading towards the ferry landing. As the team arrived and spoke to the first informant who informed us that the ski had drifted away before he could start it. Our colleagues from Tynemouth RNLI lifeboat had the ski under tow from their ILB, we assisted with the landing and recovery of it. After ensuring all team members were accounted for we then offered safety advice to the rider.
  • 27/04/2018 19:55 – The team along with our colleagues from Sunderland CRT were called out this evening to assist Northumbria Police with a person threatening to jump or enter the sea at Whitburn. She was also hiding from us. On arrival the individual was engaging with police officers and after a short while agreed to come away from the beach and was handed into the care of the ambulance service.
  • 28/04/2018 13:21 – The team were contacted by Humber to attend Broad landings after a report of a male threatening to jump into the river and possibly under the influence of drugs. Our colleagues from Tynemouth ILB were also tasked. Our Officer In Charge (OIC) liaised with the other emergency services OIC and a plan was devised. The male was very agitated and refused to let anyone near him, after 2 hours the males parents came and after speaking to them he agreed to come away from the edge and into police custody. After ensuring all parties were safe and informing Humber the team was stood down at 15:34.
  • 29/04/2018 18:50 – This evening the team and our colleagues from Sunderland CRT were called to assist Northumbria Police with an incident on the Coastal path at Whitburn. Due to the nature of the incident the teams were asked to remain at a distance while police spoke to the person. North East Ambulance Service paramedics also stood by until the incident was resolved. The casualty was then taken into the care of the Police.

Remember, in any coastal emergency, DIAL 999 and ask for the COASTGUARD.